Andy Walker has been involved in some amazing sites over the years. He has work on the teams that built (1994-1997), (1997-1999) and built some amazing sites of his own (see below).

In 2008, Andy took the helm as General Manager of and built the video site for the company.



Lab Rats »

A new vidcast that teaches you about advanced tips & tricks in technology you already own

Software Library »

A library of freeware, payware and shareware to help you better use your computer

Forums »

Discussion forums where you can get free help from the Cyberwalker community with your technology problems and discuss Lab Rats too

Cyberwalker »

Hundreds of computer how to articles and FAQs written in easy to understand language

SMS Glossary »

A handy text messaging dictionary

Little Geeks »

A philanthropic organization that collects, refurbishes and re-distributes donated home computers to children in need.

Elsewhere online...

Cyberwalker Mondays »
The Stafford Show, AM 640 Toronto

This Week in Tech »

Guest, Episode 11, June 27 2005

Smart Cars »

The tech revolution in car gadgets

Accessibility to technology »

New gadgets can help counter the effects of aging