Who is Andy?

One of North America's leading tech journalists, working in broadcast, print and the web for more than 20 years.

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What does he do?

Andy is a prolific broadcaster, technology writer, speaker and book author. He is a also a futurist, who writes and speaks about how technology is changing life as we know it.

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Does he speak?

As a speaker, Andy is currently featuring: The Jetson Prophesy, a speech focused on technology in the next 50 years. And "Facebook Phenomenon", a speech about your kids and the Internet. He can also speak on any technology topic. Recently he spoke at Blogworld on the topic video podcasting 101.

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Andy's TV Appearances

Andy appears on TV regularly as a technology expert. Recently he was an on-camera advisor on the show Princess on the Slice Network. Other recent credits: CBC's Mansbridge: One on One and The National.

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What else?

Andy is the General Manager and Executive Producer of the Tucows owned sites butterscotch.com and Tucows.com and has a history of building high profile, big brand and high traffic sites.

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Latest Book...
You Call This the Future?

You Call This the Future?

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Other sites by Andy...


A video destination site that help you undertsand and better use technology and the Internet


Andy is General Manager of Tucows.com, one of the world's largest file download sites.

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